At Libresse we believe that every vulva is special, and that differences should be celebrated. From pubic hair to labia-lip size, we want you to feel proud of what you’ve got. After all, shame and embarrassment around this small (but incredible) part of the body can have a big negative impact on confidence.
Vulvas and vaginas are at the heart of what we do, so we’re using our voice to be more outspoken and open. We’re always exploring the best ways to care for your most intimate area, from giving you facts on why vaginas should never be washed, to handy tips on how to avoid sore labia lips.
Because only you can say what feels right when it comes to your intimate hygiene routine, we’ve created a range of daily intimate care products that work in harmony with your body, and the ways you choose to stay clean.
You might find that your normal soap is too harsh on your V-zone and makes it dry or irritated. So what should you look for as an alternative? All our products respect your V-zone’s pH balance and sensitive skin. So you can wave goodbye to itchiness, infections or a less than happy vulva.


Whatever your day has in store, we’ve got products to help you feel clean and comfortable throughout.

Getting to know your normal

Because all of our Daily V-Care™ products can be used every day, they’re great at helping you get to know your ‘normal’. Once you know what’s ‘normal’ for you (from how you look and feel to how you smell) you’ll be more likely to notice an unfamiliar change. Sometimes it might mean a quick trip to the doctors to check everything’s as it should be.
We’ve written a bunch of articles on V-Care™, from how our products work to how they might work for you.
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