We want your short films: ready, steady, pitch!

Have you got a bloody great idea? Then we’ve got the money to make it.

We’re so happy to see our #bloodnormal campaign making headlines for all the right reasons – people seem relieved that finally periods are being represented in a normal way. Not as a blue liquid, or as a word or phrase that makes menstruation sound like a curse rather than something normal.  We’re breaking tired old taboos by making the invisible visible, and the overwhelmingly positive response to our campaign is reason enough to keep on going. After all, continuing the conversation is the only way to keep period talk flowing.

How to enter

We’ve teamed up with the brilliant Flare Studio Foundation scheme and we’ve got bursaries to fund the making of three short films about periods. Simply pitch your idea here before 23.59 on Monday 11th December 2017 and if it’s chosen as one of the lucky three by a panel of industry-leaders, we’ll give you a production budget of £5,000 to work with a crew from Flare Studio. Your finished short film will then be shared on our website with audiences around the world.

What we’re looking for

Our#bloodnormal campaign filmshould be your inspiration. Pick a moment or idea that sparks your imagination. In essence, find the red-thread that will allow you to create something original. We’re interested in pitches that can be developed into compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining short films. Perhaps you’ll want to use the scene where blood is dripping down a leg in the shower as your starting point. Or maybe you’ll want your pitch to demonstrate that periods are both a female and male issue (taking your cue fromJulian, a menswear influencer and stylist  who features in the #bloodnormal film buying a pack of sanitary towels in the supermarket).

Whatever your approach or angle, we want your film pitch to show periods in a positive way. And remember, if you’re chosen you’ll be joining us in celebrating a normal part of life, as an important contributor to our taboo-breaking campaign, which when you think about it is rather special.

Help us make #bloodnormal

So, are you ready to turn your idea into something amazing, or do you know just the person who would be? You can share this page, or simply head overherefor more details.

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